The Hawaii State Ethics Commission’s electronic filing system for lobbying disclosures allows you to file your lobbyist registrations and expenditures reports.

Do You Need to Register as a Lobbyist or File Expenditure Reports?  Check our easy-to-follow Quick Guide for Lobbying:  https://ethics.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/quickguide_lobbying.pdf

Browser Requirements

We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please do not use Internet Explorer as it is not compatible with the system.  Use the link below to access the new E-Filing system.

Lobbying Electronic Filing System

User Accounts

In order to use the E-Filing System, you must have an account.

  • Lobbyist User Account are for external lobbyists and employees of a lobbying firmSign-up for a Lobbyist User Account.
  • Client/Organization User Account are for in-house lobbyists and company representativesSign-up for a Client/Organization User Account.

Lobbyist Registrations

New Mandatory Lobbyist Training Law (Act 20) –click HERE

  • Submit a separate lobbyist registration for each client/organization that is represented by the lobbyist.
  • You may register other associates in your lobbying firm or your company as long as each person has a user account that is linked to your firm or organization.
  • If the client/organization is doing business under a different name, list both the legal name and the “dba” name.
  • Done Lobbying? If you are no longer engaged in lobbying activities (either as a lobbyist or as a client/organization), please contact the Commission at [email protected] so that we can remove you from our mailing list.

Expenditures Reports

  • To report lobbyist compensation, a lobbyist must be registered in the E-Filing System.
  • Under Lobbyist Compensation, a list of all registered lobbyists for the Client/Organization will be automatically populated on your form based on current registrations as of that date.  Be sure to enter the amount of compensation that was paid (or otherwise owed) to each registered lobbyist during the reporting period.
  • Lobbyists do not need to file a separate Lobbyist Expenditure Report if all lobbyist compensation and lobbying-related expenditures are reported by the Client/Organization on an Organization Expenditure Report.
  • If the client/organization is doing business under a different name, list both the legal name and the “dba” name.

Special Session

  • If you lobbied during the Special Session of the Legislature, please file your Special Session lobbying report within thirty days (30) after the Special Session.  If you did not lobby on matters considered during the Special Session, you are not required to file a Special Session report.
  • What to Report?  The special session report covers the reporting period from May 1 through adjournment sine die of the special session.  To avoid duplicate reporting, expenditures and contributions listed on the special session report should be excluded from any regular lobbying reports filed thereafter.

If you have any questions, please see our Lobbying E-Filing System FAQs or contact the Commission’s office for further assistance.

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