Quick Guides

Below are quick guides to some common ethics issues.  These are just general overviews – if you would like advice on a specific issue, please contact our attorney of the day at [email protected] or 587-0460.

NEPOTISM: Does the nepotism law apply to me? What does the nepotism law prohibit? (Effective: July 11, 2023)

SOCIAL MEDIA: This brief overview is meant to give guidance on common social media posts that may give rise to ethics concerns.

GIFTS TO LEGISLATORS: What gifts can or cannot be given to legislators and staff?

LOBBYING: Do you need to register as a lobbyist or file expenditure reports?  Check our easy-to-follow flow chart for general information about lobbying.

HOLIDAY SEASON: Common ethics questions that arise during the holidays, such as: “What should I do if a contractor brings a gift basket to the office?” and “Can teachers accept small gifts, like cookies, from students?”

NEW EMPLOYEES AND BOARD/COMMISSION MEMBERS: A brief overview of the State Ethics Code for people new to their roles as public officials. Also good as a general overview and reminder for existing employees and board/commission members.

GIFTS: Short guidelines on what gifts are acceptable and which ones aren’t.

SECOND JOBS AND OTHER PRIVATE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES: It’s okay to have a second job, but be aware of these ethics issues that can arise.

STATE BASE YARDS AND REPAIR SHOPS: Quick reminders about use of state equipment and the prohibition on doing side jobs for the boss.

CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES BY STATE OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES: Ethics issues on campaign issues, like sign-waving and endorsements.

POST-EMPLOYMENT LAWS: Thinking of leaving your state position? Here are the rules that will continue to apply to you after you leave.