Candidate Disclosures

Candidates for state-wide elective office (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Senate, State House, or Office of Hawaiian Affairs) must file a candidate financial disclosure form.

File your Candidate Financial Disclosure here:

Account & Browser Requirements

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Which Form Do I Use?

If you are running for state elective office, please file a candidate disclosure form. DO NOT use the regular financial disclosure form.

Candidate disclosures are a separate requirement under the Financial Disclosure Law.  Therefore, if you are a current legislator, state employee, or state board member running for state elective office, you must file a candidate disclosure form, even if you have already filed a regular financial disclosure this year.

Filing Instructions

Candidate Disclosure Filing Tips:

Candidate Disclosure E-Filing Guide:

Deadline: Candidate financial disclosures are due by Friday, June 14, 2024.

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