Self-Directed Training: State Employees

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Before proceeding, please verify which type of training you are required to take. Certain state employees must take a LIVE ethics training course.

The following state officials must take a LIVE ethics training course:

  • Elected Officials: Legislators, Governor, Lt. Governor
  • Executive Branch: Department heads (Directors & Deputy Directors), Governor’s Chief of Staff
  • Department of Education (DOE): Superintendent and Deputy Superintendents
  • Judiciary: Administrative Director and Deputy Director
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA): Trustees, CEO, and Executive Administrators
  • State Library: State Librarian and Special Assistant
  • University of Hawai’i (UH): President, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Provost, and Chancellors

Members of of the following state boards and commissions:

  • Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC)
  • Board of Agriculture (BOA)
  • Board of Education (BOE)
  • Board of Land & Natural Resources (BLNR)
  • Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM)
  • Hawai’i Community Development Authority (HCDA)
  • Hawai’i Housing Finance & Development Corporation (HHFDC)
  • Hawai’i Public Housing Authority (HPHA)
  • Hawai’i Public Utilities Commission (HPUC)
  • Hawai’i State Ethics Commission (HSEC)
  • Hawaiian Homes Commission
  • Land Use Commission (LUC)
  • Legacy Land Conservation Commission
  • Natural Area Reserves System Commission
  • Natural Energy Lab. of Hawai’i Authority (NELHA)
  • Stadium Authority
  • University of Hawai’i Board of Regents


Stop and Read
Executive Branch, Judiciary, University of Hawaiʻi, and HHSC employees who are not required to take LIVE training, please access the self-directed training module via your departmental Learning Management System (LMS).

*You must login to your Adobe Learning Manager account and watch the entire training in order to receive credit on your learner transcript. If you have questions, email [email protected].

*You must login to the Judiciary eLearning Center, watch the entire Ethics for State Employees training, complete the Hawai’i State Ethics Commission certificate of completion request form, and then complete the Judiciary’s eLearning Center Acknowledgment in order to receive full credit.

Contact your HR office to access your LMS portal

Contact your HR office to access your LMS portal


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  • Length of Online Programs:  Each online program takes about 30 minutes to complete.  In most cases, if you pause or exit the program before completing it, you can return later to resume the program where you left off.
  • Browser Requirements:  Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer. In addition, check your browser settings and disable any pop-up ad blockers (which may interfere with the training software)
  • Closed CaptioningClosed Captioning (available on desktops, laptops, and tablets):  To activate closed captioning, click the Closed Captioning button at the bottom of your screen.  Due to space limitations, the closed captions overlap with the text appearing on some of the slides.  Tablet users may be able to avoid this by viewing the online program in “portrait” mode.
  • Replay SlideReplay Current Slide (available on desktops, laptops, and tablets):  If the online program is not responding, click the Replay Button at the bottom of your screen to re-start the current slide you are viewing.
  • Certificate of Completion: After completing the online program, follow the instructions at the end of the program to obtain a Certificate of Completion.  Your certificate will be e-mailed to you.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Guide to the State Ethics Code  

QUESTIONS/TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE?  Contact the State Ethics Commission’s office at (808) 587-0460 or [email protected]