Commission Posts Updated List of Late Filers (Financial Disclosures)

Posted on Jul 3, 2019 in Disclosures, Main, News Release

Under the State Ethics Code (specifically, HRS § 84-17), approximately 1,900 state officials are required to file a financial disclosure statement by May 31 each year.  More than 91% of filers were on time in 2019.  The law authorizes the Commission to publish a list of people who have not filed their required disclosures, and that list is available here:  2019 Late Financial Disclosure Filers (updated July 3, 2019).

To file a financial disclosure statement, visit our e-filing page:

To review public financial disclosure statements (approximately 300 state officials, including Legislators, the Governor/Lt. Governor, OHA Trustees, and members of some boards and commissions), click here or visit and click on “Disclosures.”