Under the State Ethics Code (specifically, HRS § 84-17), approximately 1,900 state officials are required to file a financial disclosure statement by May 31 each year.  More than 91% of filers were on time in 2019.  The law authorizes the Commission to publish a list of people who have not filed their required disclosures, and ...
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Governor Ige has signed the following ethics measures into law, all of which were introduced at the Commission’s request: Act 109 (SB144): Updates the Lobbyists Law to provide that anyone who negligently fails to register as a lobbyist (or file an expenditure report) may be fined by the Commission Act 119 (HB170): Clarifies the fair ...
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The Commission issued a guidance letter to a Deputy Director of a state agency after the Deputy Director asked subordinate employees to support the confirmation of the Department’s Director.  The Commission did not make any findings of wrongdoing, but offered guidance to the Deputy Director to avoid any possible ethics concerns. Guidance letter regarding solicitation ...
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The Commission has resolved a Charge against former member of the Board of Naturopathic Medicine Rodney C.Y. Chun for failure to timely file a financial disclosure statement.  As part of the Settlement Agreement, Dr. Chun will pay an administrative penalty of $200.00 to the State of Hawaii. Resolution of Charge

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